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Wheeling For A Cause is dedicated to providing services and solutions to empower mobility disadvantaged persons to experience, engage,

and overcome challenging environments.

It is with great humility that Wheeling For A Cause gathers with hundreds of our off-roading family to honor U.S. Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant Guillermo “TJ” Tejada. Losing his legs to an improvised explosive device blast while on dismounted patrol in Afghanistan in 2010, TJ has become the personification of living a life of honor. Known for his unwavering support for other injured soldiers, unbridled enthusiasm, undeterred competitive strength, and devotion to his family since his injury, TJ is a well of optimism showing that one can face adversity, get to work on healing and live a productive, meaningful life!

In addition to a great weekend of wheeling and time spent with old and new friends, at the Texas Hill Country Wheeling For A Cause we will give a gift to TJ that we hope will take him to new levels of adventure, challenge and success. Please come join us in celebrating our freedom to wheel, the brave Marine who gave so much so that we could enjoy that freedom, remembering those that gave it all and be there for the BIG REVEAL! (something you DO NOT want to miss!)

We’ve been totally jazzed since meeting TJ. We think you will be too, so come join us January 13-15 at Katemcy Rocks, Texas

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So Others May Live (SOML) VetNet Solutions is about life after the uniform. The purpose of Vet Net is to support, inspire, and inform transitioning service member and veterans, as they plan, establish, and strive to achieve life and career goals, with the intent to ensure they never underestimate their value and land whatever role or lot in life desired after service.

SOML Solutions is focused on serving those top 10% elite service men and women that served. Whether retiring, otherwise leaving military duty, or the veteran who has already left the military, and who is trying to find their place in the “real world.”

Though SOML is focused on those Special Operators, Aviators and other elite servicemen/women from every force this will not restrict any vet interested, in need of service, or willing to mentor. However, due to the unique time these combat focused personnel spend and invest in their military careers, SOML wants to ensure they have that extra help to possible catch-up with the rest of the veterans. These Gold Warfare Enlisted, Special Operators, Aviators and elite servicemen/women on average invest 10 more years to service while their peers join the "real world"10 years before them and have 10 years of civilian lessons over these vets. SOML is there to help with transition, job hunt, resume, network, interview and salary negotiation.

In the hearts of our Founders, Bill and Laura Bachenberg, and Camp Freedom Executive Director, Matt Guedes, lies a passion to serve others and pay it  forward. They have combined their passions to create an 1,800 acre property outdoor adventure healing camp that will serve Veterans & First Responders, their families, and Gold Star families.


The property consists of endless opportunities in the outdoors that will be cherished forever by those who experience them. The 1,800 acres provides magnificent hunting opportunities and offers fishing on a Class A Wild Trout river and two ponds. Other activities for visitors include hiking, biking, shooting sports, running, track chair adventures, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and much more. With truly unlimited outdoor activities available, Camp Freedom is a dream property with a mission to help the American Heroes overcome life’s difficulties.

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