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Wheeling For A Cause – 2023

Three day off-road celebration of our Veterans!

The off-road community came through and delivered on their promise to support our mobility disadvantaged veterans! What a sight to see US Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant Guillermo “TJ” Tejada jump into “The Build”- a fully capable off-road, hunting and fishing assist equipped Track Chair and barrel off-stage ready to tackle the trails! In addition, ample funds were raised to support donations to So That Others May Live VetNet and Camp Freedom, two worthy veteran assistance organizations that, in addition to other services, support veterans reconnecting with the outdoors and the outdoor activities they enjoyed prior to their service to our country.

The How

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With guest hosts Martha Tansy and her daughter Elli of History channel’s Mountain Men fame and a chance to win Ted Nugent’s autographed guitar, you know once the sun goes down, it’s going to be a good time. And a great time it was! Over $20,000 of raffle items were available to win leading to some tense moments and celebratory shouts! But it was Kellie of BodyGuard Bumpers who walked away with the grand prize guitar. But the best reward was the community at the campfire, roasting marshmallows, telling the tales of the day’s trails, discussing the next add on or modification and debating the precise tire pressure for optimal traction!

The Party

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“Katemcy Rocks, “the Moab” of Texas, delivered! Perfect weather, perfect trails, awesome people: it could not have been better! From brand new Broncos to heavily modified off-road machines, from newbies to gunners, and from tiptoeing to bashing, there were trails and obstacles for everyone. Out for hours and trail running for miles, everyone got their fill of challenges, got a chance to catch up with old friends and make new ones!

The Trails

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Stock Red Bronco on Trail.HEIC

Smoking tires, revving engines and broken parts- no one said it was going to be easy! The brave among us pushed their straining rigs to the limit to conquer the obstacle that started it all and launched the viral Bronco Hugs meme seen round the world! First over Queen’s Throne and then King of the Hill, a victorious wheeler topped them all to be crowned 1st ever Wheeling For A Cause – King of the Hill! And although egged on by the cheering of the crowd, with a mighty ‘snap’ of the front end, BroncBuster failed to conquer its nemesis obstacle, setting up an epic rematch at the next KOH competition at October’s next Wheeling For A Cause Charity event!

King of the Hill

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Bad Kitty on KOH.JPG
Blue Solid on KOH.JPG
Line of Broncos in corral.jpg


Wheeling For A Cause – Hill Country

October 12-15, 2023 : Katemcy Rocks, Texas

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