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Event Q & A

Q: Are animals allowed at Katemcy Rocks?

A: Lions and tigers and bears, ahhh-no. Dogs- yes. Must be leashed, well mannered, always

under owner control (no staking at camp and leaving unattended while you wheel!). YOU MUST



Q: Can I get just a weekend pass?

A: Prices and entry are for the whole 4 days so weekend discounts are not available. Costs for us

are pretty much the same whether you’re there for 4 minutes or 4 days!


Q: Can I get an RV Hook-up/Cabin for just the weekend?

A: Prices for Hook-up/Cabin are based on the 4-day/3-night Event. Katemcy charges us the same

whether you’re there for 1 night or 3. If you just can’t come on Thursday, don’t worry we’ll hold

it for you!


Q: Is it safe to bring a new stock Bronco?

A: Absolutely! This is the perfect event for discovering how incredibly capable your stock

Bronco is right out of the box. Katemcy Rocks has a variety of trails from ranch roads to

moderate challenges to wack-a-doodle crazy! Plus, we’ve got some guided events specifically

designed to increase your off-roading skills and build your confidence. Check out our Event

Schedule page for more details!


Q: Do I need to dress up for the gala? (hey, don’t laugh, we’ve had this question!)

A: You can, (Hey, celebrate you!), but it’s not required. Saturday night’s Gala is just a great

evening of food, celebration, winning stuff and entertainment (TBD). As long as it’s decent, wear



Q: Can I bring alcohol?

A: Yes, but it has to stay in the Corral and consumed responsibly. Alcohol is NEVER allowed on

the trails.


Q: What’s October weather like in Texas?

A: Temperatures range from a high of 81°F to a low of 55°F but it can get windy. Texas weather

can be unpredictable at times with pop-up thunderstorms but we have a saying, “want the

weather to change? Wait 5 minutes!”


Q: Is there food for sale during the event?

A: Yes! Katemcy has a CASH ONLY Concession stand with really great food! It is open for

breakfast and lunch.

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